Our journey of hard work and dedication began 34 years ago as an authentic Egyptian furniture shop located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt that sells wood-crafted furniture pieces in the highest quality and durability possible. For years, it toiled on, gaining a loyal following with its attention to detail and bespoke craftsmanship

Nevertheless, In 2020 young Egyptian entrepreneurs found a void in the world of functional and high-quality furniture in Egypt and Middle East, this is when they decided to give Wasilaah a much-needed makeover. They hired an experienced team of designers and carpenters, who could take the timeless beauty of the natural wood used in their furniture and create something entirely new. And so began the transformation of Wasilaah into a modern, stylish brand that not only gives out quality and style but also helps people around their homes and gives them more function, freedom, and space.

At Wasilaah, Customers can find beautifully-crafted pieces made from the highest quality materials, and wood imported from Damietta. There is no doubt that the variation Wasilaah offers to its customers is like no other from sleek and hand-crafted minimalistic tables to unique and eye-catching chairs. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or a charming addition to your kitchen, Wasilaah has it all.

The Wasilaah's story exemplifies the power of commitment and ambition. From its roots. Wasilah is more than just a furniture store. Wasilaah is a lesson in persistence, and you can trust that Wasilaah is here to stay.