Our beloved Wasilaah Clients,

We were all exposed to the realities of rising inflation and the continuing challenges with global supply chains. Even though Wasilaah produces regionally in Egypt, we have seen knock-on effects on our supply of wood and other basic materials for our furniture. Prices on natural materials have risen gradually over the past few months. We tried to replace all traditional imported accessories with local made ones.

Then came the tragedy of the USD and it all adds up to materials scarcity, higher production costs and very little visibility on what the future will bring.

Prices changes each hour (Wood, packaging, paint and accessories) and it affects our prices.

The turbulence has made supply chains even more unpredictable.

Hopefully these regrettable and uncertain times will soon see its end, and the situation will stabilize. Until then, we need to continuously adjust our prices to reflect the situation. Of course, once you put in an order your price is locked in and secured.

We are sorry if you faced any shipping delays, lets pray this phase ends up quickly and we remain providing our products to you.

Thanks for your understanding


Wasilaah Team